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Strategic Educational Advising 

Two Distinct Services

Financial Aid Advising

Secondary School Service

Walking on Campus

Enrollment & Operational Strategy

Higher Education Service

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Financial Aid Advising

As college costs continue to rise, financial aid complexities can create barriers to students finding themselves on their perfect-fit campus. We work directly with high school college counseling offices, helping them to guide parents and students through the complicated world of college financial aid using our suite of services.


We host multiple facilitated workshops for the college counseling team that are personalized to the needs of the school.


2 We serve in a phone-a-friend consulting role for the college counseling staff when financial aid issues/questions arise.


3 At the discretion of the college counseling team, we can be assigned to work directly with a subset of your school families. Please note that this cost is free of charge to the families, and families are not permitted to hire our company to work with them directly.

4 We collaborate with the college counseling team to develop a comprehensive college advising program that helps to foster a culture of inclusivity when discussing college affordability.

Throwing Caps

Enrollment and Operational Strategy

The undergraduate enrollment landscape is pivotal to the health of an institution. Whether you are looking for short term assistance to help you analyze and consider a particular focus area, such as retention by demographic groups, or are looking for a long term  partner with whom you can engage on multiple fronts to develop and/or inform you enrollment strategy, we can work with each school to provide the solutions you need.

Every college is distinct, and through a highly personalized approach, we will take the time to understand the unique aspects of your educational environment that impact your past, current and future enrollment trends. 

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