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About Our Founder

Cameron Feist has spent 20 years gaining a breadth and depth of professional experiences that afford him an authentic voice of leadership in the enrollment industry. Cameron has worked on all sides of the college enrollment process. Cameron has worked at an independent K-12 college preparatory school as a Director of College counseling. Cameron has also held multiple positions in higher education. He has served as an Associate Dean of Admission, as a Director of Financial Aid and as an Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. Throughout every facet of his career, he has been focused on the interplay between data science and the art of building a class. Strategic Educational Advising Services is the culmination of a career working for mission driven organizations, where he has learned the many competing priorities that face both enrollment and college counseling leadership.


Cameron is a Florida native, who graduated from St. Edward's Episcopal School (Vero Beach, FL). Cameron received his Bachelor of Art's Degree from Hamilton College (Clinton, NY) and his Master's in Education with a dual focus on Enrollment Management and Institutional Research from Pennsylvania State University.  

Cameron lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his family, where they enjoy taking advantage of the outdoors, and have a particular love of summers on the lakeshore, and cheering on the Packers.

Cameron approaches his work with a goal of helping others to grow and develop their skillset. Cameron believes that one of the joys of working in and around education is to be constantly surrounded by the energy and optimism of people who are committed to working to support the next generation of learners. Cameron prides himself on intentional partnerships with people who share this belief, and especially enjoys working with people who believe that the work we do is serious, but who do not take themselves too seriously. 

“The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.”
-John P. Kotter

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